Welcome to Bright Horizons

Bright Horizons is a non-attorney advocacy firm dedicated to helping persons with disabilities of any age succeed with their educational, vocational and access goals. We want to help you achieve the plans you have in mind for yourself, or your relative. Take a few minutes to review the Bright Horizons website and let us know how we can help you!

Services include:

Helping people with disabilities achieve dreams

  • Advocacy for special education or accommodation issues (preschool through high school)
  • Consultation requested by families, individuals, service agencies, schools, or employers
  • Advocacy for accommodations at the college level
  • Advocacy for employment accommodations or vocational supports
  • Advocacy for community supports or accommodations
  • Training on disability awareness, collaboration, and laws related to education

Why should I choose Bright Horizons?


Our staff has 20 years experience advocating for people with disabilities.


People with disabilities and their families own and operate Bright Horizons.


A well-qualified advocate can resolve many issues, even those involving formal complaints.  Fees for attorneys and other professional consultants can range from $100 to over $300 an hour.  Our comparatively  low rates, sliding fee scale, and payment options offer a great deal of flexibility.


Using an advocate is never a poor reflection on you, or your knowledge. Looking out for a loved one is hard to do alone, no matter your talents.  A good professional advocate serves not only as an educator for the team,  or a compliance watchdog, but assist with team communication and ensuring that the person with a disability’s needs remain at the center of the discussion.